Silent Republicans Fear Humiliating Mean Trump Tweets

Republicans from Mitch McConnell to Lindsay Graham are pretty silent about Trump refusal to concede to the Biden win. Maybe they believe there really was an inside job where mass voter fraud occurred, but somehow forgot to hack a Democratic senate win. Or maybe they fear something way more sinister, way more embarrassing. Mean Trump tweets.

The Donald has been known to write some vicious tweets, with numerous misspellings and excessive exclamation points. He’s known for giving out some hilarious, but reputation ruining, nicknames. Just ask Low Energy Jeb, Lying Ted, and Little Marco. Aw poor Little Marco.

He could make fun of Mitch McConnell’s likeness to a turtle. Say he’s definitely turtlely enough for the turtle club. Say he’s now known as Mitch McTurtle. And Lindsay Graham and that voice. Oh man, Trump could go to town on that accent. Say he’s a southern belle that has the vapors. Call him Lil Lindsay Teddy Graham. I mean, where does Trump come UP with this stuff? Better to stay silent than to imagine the possible tweets!



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