Mom Still Thinks They Should Teach ‘How to Write a Check’ in School

Listen, your mom went to the school of hard knocks ’88. She learned how to do most of what she does on her own. And we love and admire her for that. But she still believes schools aren’t doing enough to teach her kids. Especially high schools.

“Why don’t they teach kids how to write checks?” she asks earnestly.

“People need to know how to fill out checks to pay bills!”

You try to tell her that people pay bills online nowadays, but she insists it can be used to pay rent. You tell her again, it’s all done online.

“But how do people pay for their groceries?” she asks.

You tell her that people have credit cards now and people don’t really use checks anymore. She’s confused. She’s out of touch, yeah alright. But what a nice concept: teaching kids things other than one-sided social studies and geometry.

Maybe she’s on to something.



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