Maybe White People think Red Hair Counts as “Diversity.”

Let’s face it, red headed characters are overexposed. We’ve seen them growing up and still continue to see that hair on tons of cartoons EVERYWHERE. Compiled is a list of red hair on characters ranging from bright red to strawberry blonde:




On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

12 Boxers Drooling

11 Shiba Inus

10 Corgis Twerking

9 Hounds-a-Howlin’

8 Pugs-a-Pantin’

7 Bulldogs Barking

6 Chihuahua Shaking

5 Golden Retrievers

4 Malamutes

3 Great Danes

2 Wiener dogs

And a Labrador Taking a Pee



Because you’ve given up.

1. Grapes.

2. Cucumbers.

3. Bell peppers.

4. Celery.

5. Carrots.



These are bad.

This didn’t need to be written and nobody asked for this list. Obvious hacks are um…obvious. Why would you click on this? Not worth it buddy, I’ll tell you right now. You’re just gonna beat yourself up about it later if you continue.

1. Hungry?

Grab some food that grows from the ground, or the ones that grow on trees!



Republicans from Mitch McConnell to Lindsay Graham are pretty silent about Trump refusal to concede to the Biden win. Maybe they believe there really was an inside job where mass voter fraud occurred, but somehow forgot to hack a Democratic senate win. Or maybe they fear something way more sinister…