Comedy, mostly.

Yesterday, I left {Insert Shitty Startup’s Name} feeling frazzled and dejected. It was strange to have three adults tell me, another full grown adult, to not take a more desirable opportunity. I was made to give specifics of my new job and was told I made the wrong choice. …


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

12 Boxers Drooling

11 Shiba Inus

10 Corgis Twerking

9 Hounds-a-Howlin’

8 Pugs-a-Pantin’

7 Bulldogs Barking

6 Chihuahua Shaking

5 Golden Retrievers

4 Malamutes

3 Great Danes

2 Wiener dogs

And a Labrador Taking a Pee

This is gonna be so gross ✨

Aries: Blood

Taurus: Poop

Gemini: Pus

Cancer: Tears

Leo: Cum

Virgo: Breast Milk

Libra: Saliva

Scorpio: Bile

Sagittarius: Vomit

Capricorn: Sweat

Aquarius: Pee

Pisces: Phlegm

Because you’ve given up.

1. Grapes.

Why not? You’ve come this far.

2. Cucumbers.

They’re slimy already so…

3. Bell peppers.

These basically taste like water.

4. Celery.

I don’t know.

5. Carrots.

Seems possible.

These are bad.

This didn’t need to be written and nobody asked for this list. Obvious hacks are um…obvious. Why would you click on this? Not worth it buddy, I’ll tell you right now. You’re just gonna beat yourself up about it later if you continue.

1. Hungry?

Grab some food that grows from the ground, or the ones that grow on trees!

It’s no surprise that lyrics are hard to decipher sometimes. But no need to fret, many people hear different lyrics than artists originally intended. Here’s a list of commonly misheard lyrics from the 60’s to today, in no particular order below. Or watch the video here.

California Love — 2Pac Featuring Dr. Dre

Misheard lyrics: “Diamonds shinin’…

Jackie Limón

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